Yes, Sir

 We made it to Palmetto, FL.  The winds were still blowing too much, the water was still   Coast Guard departure    Jake and Harrison playing on the Ipad    We had a stowaway,  we turned him loose when we got close to shore, I didn't know how far they can fly so better safe than sorry   Our soldiers at work!!   Jake will be 14 in a few months   Harrison is 11 months rough but what a gorgeous shade of teal blue!  We only saw a few dolphin but none came to play along side of the boat.  I used the patch again and Ellie had her L-Theanine so we both tolerated the rocking' and rollin' better.  When we only had 3 hours left to go to reach the marina, we were hailed by the Coast Guard.  Oh, crimany, what did we do or not do???  We were asked to put the boat in neutral, did we have any weapons on board and may they come aboard for a safety check?  We did as asked, they pulled up beside us and came aboard.  I was waiting for one of them to end up in the drink since it was quite rou

Patch Day

  The Coast Guard issued a small craft wind advisory this morning.  We went anyway.  The winds were at 35knots, seas at 4' with a 2 second interval (that means every 2 seconds a 4' wave hits you).  A rule of thumb is 4' x 2 = 8, so a 4' wave should not be closer together than every 8seconds or you're going to get the crap knocked our of you.  We did get the crap knocked out of us.  I had to use another patch but, once again, it worked like a champ and Ellie had an L-Theanine .   A bouncing buoy, guessing it weighs 2000#        Bouncing boats    Writing the blog, David took a pic of how close we are to the bow of the mega yacht that's 3' off our swim step  That dark thing is their anchor   Bouillabaisse !!! and it was really good, loved the mussels   David's Captain's Platter, grouper, shrimp, scallops with garlic mashers and cheesy grits   Tropical Rum Punch, sweet but good!   Sign telling about the manatees   The marina's pet parrot   And if it&

Through the eyes of a geek

  Here are the rest of the pics that I was finally able to download.  Today we head for Venice, FL., a 6-7 hour run.   Walkway next to the beach  Walkway next to the beach, again   Ibis just cruising, one had a broken leg and hobbled, very sad and one with a broken wing. 😒   We saw several bunnies   Relaxing on the beach, tired after searching for all those perfect shells, ha   New plants and flowers we've never seen before   Wedding was being set up   What a beautiful place to get married!   This tree should be in the movies!   Giant schefflera bush   BANANAS!!!!   The $5million neighborhood, but man was it gorgeous!!   Barbara Karst bougainvillea, as seen in Phoenix    Seashells used as ground cover, wow   Coton, I think   A pine of some kind, new to us   Look at the size of the palm frond that had fallen off   The bark on this tree should win an award, beautiful!   Wish we had these palms in Phoenix, they are uber cool   Another huge fallen palm frond   You see these palms in H